Mar 18, 2018


Good afternoon everybody. This is surge. I’m not sure how many of you are still active followers but I wanted to give this a try and see if we can get it popping again. So it’s been a busy five years since 2012, But here we are again and my daughter is almost 6 now. So I may be doing a very big overhaul of this blog but we will still focus on reviews and giveaways.

  I’m not sure what the niche will focus on as of yet but I am pretty positive we will focus on living your best life,   Your healthiest life as a family.  I would go with the flow and see what happens, I just wanted to update all of you.  And say hopefully some of my followers will return and we will maybe in some new ones. Blog to you all soon! Maybe even vlog!


{excuse any errors I have used talk to text for this one post}

Jun 19, 2012

I am back, with news!

It's been quite a while but I'm back and I've brought someone with me !

I don't know his/her gender yet but I'm really excited to bring a whole new vibe to my reviews. I have been very busy since the beginning of 2011. We moved out of an apartment and into a house, my grandmother passed away and my last grandparent on my mother's side is having a hard time. 

There have been up's and down's but I am glad to be back and you can expect to see this turning into.... yes, a mommy blog. I can't wait to keep you all updated on the baby's progress and to bring you some new content ! We are aiming at a whole different crowd, babay & I :)

Sep 15, 2010

Blogmania giveaway!

You’ve arrived at exactly the right time to explore lots of new blogs, all of which, ARE GIVING AWAY A VERY SPECIAL BLOGMANIA GIVEAWAY (For One Day Only – Sept 15th) .
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Disclaimer: I will be provided a pair of leggings in the future to review and was not compensated for this post. I am not responsible for sending out this prize.

Sep 5, 2010

YooHoo & Friends review and giveaway

A little while ago in May I had held an Aurora giveaway to promote their new bestselling Yoohoo & Friends line. I was also supposed to hold a review thereafter but never received the package, little did I know it was stuck in the mail still trying to get to me. So here I am with that a review, and another adorable Yoohoo giveaway for you.

My review:
Let's start off with their bestselling line. I was sent the four cute 5" cuddly lovebugs pictured below!

The little yellow guy third from the left is who I got to cuddle. He has a little winter hat of his own on, and a long yellow and gray tail. He makes a bouncy sound when you squeeze him and is very soft. I can only imagine how cute the other colors are.

This pink plushie has pink wings right under her arms! She's the one located on the top. The one I received has a "Love and Peace" flower on her belly. She is made of a bright, pink polyester and laughs when you squeeze her. I think any little girl would love her as well. Located on the bottom right is the Squirrel I have as well, but mine comes with a twist as he adorns a "Groovy" flower on his belly and a rainbow bandana on his head. The fur on his face resembles a white beard to go along with his squirrel tail and 'chitter' sound when you squeeze his tummy! He has pink and black eyes, all of these small but unique attributes make him an amazing plushie.

This YooHoo comes in both pink, and blue and can be used as a cute birthday gift for anyone. I recieved the blue, and he has bright blue eyes to match his tail and sparkly birthday hat. There are cute little streamers on top to accentuate this birthday-esque plushie that sounds a musical "birthday song" when you squeeze him! Happy birthday :)

Overall: Aurora's bestselling 5" YooHoo line is great quality. They are only nine dollars each and every single plushie has individual properties to make it unique. From a hat to a tail or a sound, each one is unique and surprising. They are cuddly, durable, and have beads inside their bottoms to give them a bit of weight. I had so much fun looking and discovering each plushie, because there were little tidbits that give them all the originality that they need.

They also sent me four items from their Fun Center line, which you can see above to the left. The only item I did not include was the stickers because I'd forgotten to add them to the picture. You can see them in the middle. I think the fun center items are very cute and original and I would definitely buy them again. Especially the "snaps" products (the accessory bag located on the top right of the left picture is a "snaps" product).

"Fans who want to make a personal statement and create their own individual looks should check out the “snap” products — the “snaps” are roughly one inch in diameter, can be mixed and matched, and fasten to the YooHoo & Friends Fun Center items (except spiral notebook and doodle pad)." Ref: Yoohoo

You can see the doodle pad in the top right corner of the left picture, and the mousepad located on the bottom. The doodle pad comes with three crayons and is very cute and vibrant, just like the mousepad. The stickers are great quality and come on a dome like cylinder that gets smaller on the way up (with the biggest stickers on the bottom).

Now is the giveaway you've been waiting for. :) They've launched their new Milly line and have given me two items from their line to review and a Pinkest Kitten to give away to one reader;

“We are excited to introduce the Milly line to little girls and tweens everywhere who are partial to plush that is cute and ‘girly,’ not to mention pink,” says Michael Kessler, SVP of Sales at Aurora. Kessler says, “Milly makes a great gift for girls, while inspiring and comforting them at the same time.”

The 8" Milly Wanna Be Princess is $11.00 and features a frilly purple dress and pink star wand. She comes in many different collectible styles. I also recieved the Milly Kitten that tucks right into a pink strawberry carrier so that you can't see her at all while she's inside. It's such a unique and interesting carrier that is scented with sweet strawberry! I find the Milly line very cuddly, girly and comforting.

All of Aurora's products have withstood my cuddling which calls for quality plushie. I think they are durable, comfortable, cute and original which I cannot stress enough! You can find one for almost any occasion or gift (especially for children but I feel that adults would enjoy almost all of these plushies as well), for as low as $8.00.

The giveaway: A Milly Kitten from Aurora.
Giveaway is open to US & Canada and ends on September 30th

Mandatory entry: Visit Aurora's Shop and choose your favorite plushie.

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Disclaimer: I was provided the items above free for review for my honest opinion.

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