Feb 20, 2010

Garnier fructis fortifying shampoo; A review

I have previously been a member of different review sites where I have received no momentary compensation or product to review. I believe in sharing information about products that I have been pleased (or displeased) with in the past. I have received no momentary or product compensation for this review, and I hope it is informative to those who haven't heard or used this product before. None of my reviews are endorsements and they are my sole honest opinion.

Pros: Smells great, Works wonderfully, Attractive container, soft hair
Overall rating: 5/5


When I went to the store not too long ago to pick up a new shampoo, I was looking for something with straightening attributes. I'd recently stayed at my friends house and used her Garnier Fructis - and it left my hair looking very nice and super straight when straitened - little did I know, Fructis had a better, more versatile product in store for me - Tripel Nutrition FORTIFYING shampoo.

Whenever I had previously used Garnier, it left my hair feeling a tad greasy after a day and my friend attested that it ruined her hair. When she came to me and said that the newer brand was very much improved I was eager to buy it, and happy to see that it was on sale for 3.33. Half price off! Even better.

I used the fortifying shampoo (and conditioner) the night I brought it home and the next morning when I woke up it was as soft as a chickies fur and smelled delicious! I let everybody feel my hair, waiting for their responses and one of my friends actually squealed - it's honestly great. I didn't have high expectations (as I was looking for a "sleek/straight" product and not a triple nutrition) but I'm very happy and I plan to continue buying for a very long time.

This Triple Nutrition shampoo reverses dryness and damage with its Olive, Avocado and Shea oils. I rarely feel the need to speak out about shampoo products but I thought this one was worth a shout so whenever you get the chance, I highly suggest buying it whether you're in the younger or older age group.


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