Mar 22, 2010

Toybox Tuesday (?)

So I was thinking about doing something every Tuesday that I have seen somewhat like at other places. It'd go like this, almost (or every) Tuesday I would share with you all some random things from my "Toybox".. aka computer. Like my favorite game that week, or video, picture, website, link, quote. You name it. Let me know what you guys think - and I'll do one right now to start it off!

Favorite game:
I've played Redbeard since grade four and kind of forgot about - but it brings back a lot of memories. Like sitting in my grade four portable beating my teacher in it, and telling him I could beat him. :3 Then he was like, well, you've played it longer. Hah.

Favorite esty item:
Organic womans wheat leggings, say what!
I want a pair sooo bad, but I have to save up the money.

Favorite post: The rats
"In this particular case, it was some new fertility medicine. Because, the longer we live, the more we mess with things, the less likely we are to reproduce. Maybe God is trying to tell us something, folks.

Anyway, the fertility medicine worked like a charm. The rats that took the drug were able to have litters of hundreds. But that's where it stops being good and starts getting really bad."...

You should definetly read the rest.

Favorite artist: Nicki Minaj


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