May 1, 2010

Bluegala review

The Bluegala giveaway was not too long ago and just ended.. so here I am with my review! :)

When I received my bluegala item, it was a pleated red and black plaid skirt, with a just as long stretchy black piece attached to the top. I usually don't wear skirts like those, but I did try it on in a couple various ways. I both tried it on normally, and also put it on with the black stretch fabric on my stomach and put a shirt over it but I figured it just wasn't for me. Although it wasn't my type of clothing, a friend's 14 year old daughter loved it.

I actually remember wearing skirts like those when I was around that age as well, but it just didn't suit me anymore, and I found that she liked it a lot. She also said that she'd have any other clothes I didn't want, because she really liked the skirt! I'm not sure about the rest of Bluegala clothing, but they do have many dresses. There is not a picture of the skirt on the website.. but you can take a look at some of their dresses below and see if they're for you:

I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review but I did recieve the skirt mentioned free for my honest opinion.


Samy said...

They have a lot of lovely colors. I like their dresses :)

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