Jun 1, 2010

First set of pet event winners

Below are the lucky winners of the first set of pet giveaways! A Huge congrats to them, and a Huge thank you to the companies who made this possible. There are still a few more to enter that will end sometime June. :)

RV: $7.00
Yoohoo & Friends giveaway - #50 bigdisneyfan - 177 entries

RV: $6.00
Doggie Barette giveaway - #9 Annie1 - 43 entries

RV: $9.95
Pawsntails collar giveaway - #10 Glogirl - 21 entries

RV: $46.00
Earthbath giftbasket giveaway - #40 Samy - 143 entries

RV: $7.00
Seapets sewing pattern giveaway - Debbie

RV: $8.00
Bentleys Bones leash bag giveaway - #5 samy - 13 entries

Second set of winners:
Big Daddy Biscuits giveaway - #4, Samy
Fuzzy Mug Journal giveaway - #52, Renee


misskallie2000 said...

Congrats to all..

debbie said...

Thank-you, I look forward to sewing with the pattern. Congrats to all the other winners.

Samy said...

Hello, Surge!

Thank you for everything, but I just wanted to let you know nothing ever arrived from Big Daddy Biscuits. I contacted them twice, and twice they were supposed to send the prize out and- nothing. :( I was wondering if you've heard from them?

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