Jun 23, 2010

Married On Mondays book review

If you don't remember the Married On Mondays book giveaway, you can check it out.

As soon as I opened the book I loved it because it has a page that says

Why I Cherish Our Love

Given to:
Given by:
Personal message:

And there are so many messages and lessons in this book that I would want to give it to a partner. Although I found the sex scenes atrocious at first (in a bad way). For me, the sex scenes were worded all wrong. They seemed unrealistic and rushed but the storyline kept me going. I began to get bored half way through waiting for the book to get better - and it did! The three characters (and their partners) made me want to keep reading and kept me thinking about real life issues. Not all the sex scenes were unrealisitc, about half through they became more bearable to read. The chapter "Would you marry for love?" after the book was over (an unofficial chapter that I believe isn't part of the actual book) was very thought provoking and helped me realize what I need or want in a relationship is very important and so is communication. It was a satisfying read for me, and I would rate it four out of five. The sister's situations tugged on my heart and mind.

Married On Mondays by HoneyB:

By day, Valerie Cooper, Dierdra Dawson, and Foxy Brown assist their husbands, all partners at the law firm Brown, Cooper, and Dawson. But at night, they become Vanilla Cream, Cherry Cream, and Sugar Cream, and run an upscale swingers club called Creamé. Their clientele include everyone from judges, lawyers, politicians, and police officers, to soccer moms and housewives. Business is booming at the hottest club in town. Until the police chief extends an indecent proposal to Foxy: sleep with him, or go to jail.

I was provided this book free for review.


Fashion Nicotine said...

Seems like a nice book!

I'm also having a giveaway at my blog =)

Surge said...

Thanks for letting me know ~ ;)!

Callista said...

Neat book. At first I thought it was a new monday meme LOL. I was confused for a while.

I stopped by today to tell you I gave you a Blog Award!

Surge said...

Thanks so much for the award , I stopped by

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